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MotoGP™ is the top class of Grand Prix motorcycle racing and, since it began in 2002, has seen the emergence of the most powerful bikes ever seen on the racetrack. Author Neil Spalding tells the inside story of the bikes in the MotoGP™ pit lane, describing in detail the teams’ relentless efforts to gain the slightest technical advantage and shave a few fractions of a second off their lap times. Further chapters expose the important aspects of MotoGP™ technology, setting out clearly the advances and limitations of racing motorcycle design. With superb colour photographs and illustrations throughout, this book provides a fascinating insight intohow the bike factories compete at the very top of the game. First Published
in 2017 the current version is the 2nd reprint and includes all the bikes and technologies up to and including 2019.

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Words from the Industry...

"Neil can take the most complex information, such as explaining the intricacies of chassis flex or fluid dynamics or chatter, and distill it into bite-sized pockets of information that are both informative and entertaining. It's a skill very few technical writers possess. MotoGP Technology Third Edition is Neil's life's work. It is a staggering volume of absolutely everything you could possibly want to know about the world's fastest race bikes."
Rennie Scaysbrook - Cycle News USA

“Full of fact, insight and the kind of insider knowledge that makes you realise just how races are won. It’s probably the best technical motorcycling book that I’ve ever read.”
Matt Wildee. Senior Editor Motorcycle News (and ex Editor Performance Bikes Magazine)

"For 15 years, the former Ducati Supermono club racer has diligently documented the four-stroke evolution in the premier class, all of which is beautifully presented in the third edition of his exceptional book, MotoGP Technology."
Matthew Miles - Cycle World

MotoGP Technology is as comprehensive on the technical side of motorcycle racing's premier class as it is possible to be. The fact that it is eminently readable and a beautiful thing to look at is a bonus.
David Emmett - MotoGP Matters

“This book is a milestone in helping people to better understand how racing motorcycles work ... If this book had been around when I started in MotoGP, it would have saved me a lot of time and stress. Not to mention arguments!”
Tom O’Kane. Senior MotoGP™ engineer

“I've worked my way through the book. Great bit of work; great pics and layout too. That's a LOT of info........!!!”
Pierre Terblanche. Freelance Motorcycle Designer

“I love the tuning fork bike and the simple way you describe things. This book should be required reading for young and aspiring engineers.”
Alan Nicholls. Dunlop Motorsport (Motorcycles) engineer (Retd).

“Been reading your book, started with the fundamentals section. Very interesting and well written in the way you have split the bike into sections. Works for technical people and laymen as well.”
Peter Taylor. Motorcycle Chassis Project Engineer.

“This isn’t just one of those books you put in the loft, it goes on your coffee table because you’re going to want to pick it up every time you see new trick bits in winter testing photos and every time you watch a grand prix. Alternatively, keep it close to the garage – it may even help with setting up your own bike.”
Aaron League. www.ukclubsport.com

Podcasts with ‘The Race’

Neil Spalding has recently started making a few MotoGP podcasts with The-Race.com

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